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Official United Nations World Statistics Day 2015 Website
The methodology used to estimate quarterly GDP by state when annual statistics on GDP by state are available was published in the October 2014 SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS.
Address : Uropean Commission, Eurostat, Directorate E Sectoral and regional statistics , Financial Cell of Directorate E
The meeting also discussed the upcoming statistical projects within the GCC-Stat program for 2014, including: National Accounts 2008, establishment of indicators & indices, the development of products and services statistics, the pan-GCC census 2020, developing job market statistics, establishing data quality scheme and a unified statistical classification system, development of data classification system synced with available administrative records, environment and energy related statistics, developmental indicators and statistics and financial statistics.
The committee said it was "disappointed" by a botched relaunch of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) website which officials conceded had made it even harder than before to find the right information in an understandable format.
Examples of the impact of statistics abound in our society.
Acting on its own or in collaboration with a government body or private sector or international organisation, the agency will undertake statistical collections, and produce, analyse and disseminate official or other statistics.
The UN Statistical Commission issued 10 fundamental principles of official statistics in 1994, according to the report.
Anthony La Berge, commander of the Santa Clarita station, said he plans to break down the statistics to better understand them.
Up-to-date statistics would allow the church to better plan for the future and respond to the present.
Students in my Basic Statistics class were asked to engage in service-learning projects, as volunteers to teach Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics in selected high schools in the community.
Youth custody and community services in Canada, 2003/04, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics.

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