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1 mm, the thermal expansion deformation of the stator and rotor is shown in Figs.
There is one kind of transformer composed by stator winding, rotor winding, stator core and rotor core.
The analysis of the obtained results revealed that the stator end windings are the most heated IG parts.
Stator flux linkage is estimated by integrating the stator voltages.
Because of the configuration of the stator poles in a three-phase motor and the 120 degree phase shift of each of the electric phases, the magnetic fields generated in the stator coils inherently induce rotation in the rotor.
1] are, respectively, the rotor MMF, the stator MMF, and the composite MMF at the fundamental frequency, [[omega].
PMSM direct torque control always adopts stator flux oriented, so the mathematical model has to be transformed into stator flux linkage rotating reference frame.
Similarly, the stator current vector Is can be expressed as follows
The coils of stator phases are divided into two parts connected in series with equal turns for each part.