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PMSM direct torque control always adopts stator flux oriented, so the mathematical model has to be transformed into stator flux linkage rotating reference frame.
The ANSYS-CFX code is used in the simulation of the complex flow encountered in Turbomachinery, and of the heat transfer by convection in annulus-cylindrical space of an axial flow of air, between a rotor turning at constant angular velocity and a fixed stator.
The method is based on these of two current transformers (each on one side of stator of generator) which are in differential mode of connection.
The variation of RMS stator flux ripple over a sector due to CSVPWM and the considered double switching clamping sequences at low modulation of 0.
If the fuse blows while you are making these checks, the AI is already shot and must be replaced or the stator is bad and must be replaced.
On Friday, the ministry ordered JAL to replace all of the improperly repaired stator vanes with new ones.
The magnetic motor will be cheaper than a standard motor to make, as the rotor and stator assemblies can be set into plastic housings, due to the fact that the system creates very little heat.
Parker Hannifin's Air & Space Div, City of Industry, CA, supplies their assembly plant in Irving, CA, with precision bladed stator and rotor components for turbine-engine starter motors.
GE Hydro's Twintone stator winding insulation system and the complete refurbishment of the rotor windings will significantly increase the power rating of the two generators from 77 to 85 MVA.
5,632,596) is a stator with concentric rows of teeth and a matching rotor turning at tip speeds over 11,000 ft/min.
Its patented "Delta" mixing head runs up to 5,000 ft/min and produces a double vortex that pulls product from the top and bottom of the rotor while simultaneously expelling material at high velocity through the stator openings and into the surrounding mix.