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The standing, state, or condition of an individual; the rights, obligations, capacities, and incapacities that assign an individual to a given class.

For example, the term status is used in reference to the legal state of being an infant, a ward, or a prisoner, as well as in reference to a person's social standing in the community.


noun caliber, caste, circumstance, class, dignity, elevation, eminence, esteem, footing, grade, importance, notability, place, position, posture, prestige, prominence, quality, rank, rating, situation, state, station, superiority
Associated concepts: proof of status, status of purchaser, staaus of trustee
See also: aspect, caliber, case, character, class, condition, credit, degree, honor, phase, position, posture, precedence, prestige, quality, rating, recognition, reputation, situation, state, title

STATUS. The condition of persons. It also means estate, because it signifies the condition or circumstances in which the owner stands with regard to his property. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1689.

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During the 10-year period, there were 17,066 pediatric status asthmaticus admissions.
Typically, a patient in status asthmaticus will have an elevated eosinophil count, the inflammatory cells associated with asthma.
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Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in status asthmaticus.
Every year in our emergency department, which is basically an inner-city emergency department, we have several kids who come in either DOA from status asthmaticus or in such bad shape that we can't turn them around," the pediatrician said.
Status asthmaticus may be characterized by severe hypoxemia and respiratory muscle fatigue (Teague, 1997).
The impact of status asthmaticus practice guidelines on patient outcome and physician behavior.
Status asthmaticus is defined by Bechler-Karsch (1994) as an asthma attack that is refractory to conventional treatment and can lead to respiratory failure and death if not properly managed.
Status asthmaticus is a medical emergency that can result in respiratory failure and death if not treated promptly and properly (Whaley & Wong, 1991).