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Keeping in view their responses, it has been decided to delete Section 309 from the Statute Book," Chaudhary said in reply to a written question.
It clarifies the scope and scale of the statute book and makes it more accessible by introducing an interactive browse and timeline facility.
Transport secretary Justine Greening said she was keen to put the guarantee on the statute book to answer critics who have claimed phase two of the 225mph line will be dumped in the next parliament.
Hallmarking was included in a so-called red tape challenge launched by the Government in a bid to reduce the 21,000 regulations on the statute book.
In 2009, it was discovered that Parliament had never notified the Commission of its intentions, meaning the Act was struck off the statute book.
Mr Clegg said letting dormant laws accumulate on the statute book sends out the "wrong signal" and there is plenty of "old stuff" that should be dropped.
As we tear through the statute book, we'll do something no government ever has.
Sylvester Kirk, trainer of River Captain and Statute Book "The softer ground is in River Captain's favour as he's won twice on it.
The planned law regarding glorifying terrorism may not be on the statute book yet.
A senior Downing Street source said: ""Leader of the Lords is crucial to getting new laws on the statute book.
He needs the Bill on the statute book by March 10, when existing anti-terror laws come up for renewal.
However, the bill may still not make it to the statute book.