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Created, defined, or relating to a statute; required by statute; conforming to a statute.

A statutory penalty, for example, is punishment in the form of a fine, prison sentence, or both, that is imposed against an offender for committing some statutory violation.

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prescribed, authorized or recognized by a STATUTE.
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The event which marks the end of the first round of the workshop on the conduct of statutory marriages in the country have earlier been held in Abuja and Lagos for the North and Western zones.
Circumstances surrounding offers for sale can be complex and, when in doubt, consult a patent attorney to help evaluate whether a disclosure triggering a statutory bar has been made.
She said the regulator has instead been installing managers and placing infinite moratoriums and unreasonably lengthy receivership spells.Other than declaring some sections of the Insurance Act unconstitutional, the society wants the High Court to issue an order directing the Commissioner of Insurance, IRA, Police Holders Compensation Fund and the AG to take measures that would bring closure to the continued statutory management of four insurance companies.
The post Validity of guarantee in statutory tenancy appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
This is because the government-set royalty payments that FilmOn X would have to pay under the statutory license are "de minimus" when compared to cable industry gross receipts and revenues, falling well below market levels.
Further, the numerous mandated duties for which statutory boards can be held legally responsible--audit, compensation, compliance, risk management, succession planning--necessarily take precedence over more specialized concerns or rumination on big-picture, longrange trends.
The respondent after hearing that parties passed the Impugned order; holding that the appellant has failed to maintain the statutory deposit in terms of Section 29 of the Ordinance.
Under the legislation, the annual statutory audit in Azerbaijan have held joint stock companies, banks and insurance companies,
One problem is that Chevron "lacks an adequate theoretical foundation" for its central premise that by leaving ambiguous gaps in statutory provisions, Congress implicitly gave agencies the authority to fill these gaps.
Pacific Life had a statutory capitalization of $6.6 billion on June 30, 2012, up $343 million from the prior the year-ago period.
A statutory warning for every scene showing Kareena Kapoor smoking will have to be displayed in the film.
Despite the recommendations in 2006 that naturopaths and Western herbal medicine practitioners be more closely regulated, there have been no moves toward state-mandated (statutory) registration or licensure of naturopaths in any Australian state or territory.