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State implementation of federal statutory law and the incorporation of state law within federal statutory schemes are allocation-of-power strategies used by Congress to make federal legislation more effective; but they also restrain the breadth of national control and make legislation more politically palatable.
Apparently in the eyes of the soldiers the hierarchy of norms is reversed: The statutory law comes above and before constitutional law.
At its core, then, Aviation Law after September 11th offers a historical narrative of the "war on terror" through court opinions, regulations, and statutory law; the circumstances in which air passengers travel today; and the policies that lawmakers are implementing to optimize and protect the global mobility of its citizens.
Dental hygiene practice acts are statutory law, passed by the respective state legislatures.
In this entire debate, the legal status of the Hyde Amendment itself is a matter of key importance: Introduced in 1976 by the late Henry Hyde, an Illinois Republican, it is not a statutory law but an annual amendment to the appropriations bill for Health and Human Services.
THIS year's Richard Dimbleby memorial lecture, broadcast last Sunday, sought to re-buff the main argument against death choice modifications to statutory law.
In Pakistan, the state-sponsored islamization programme that began under Zia-ul- Haq's regime (1979-88) promoted Islamic orthodoxy and made adultery a criminal offence by turning sections of Islamic law (the Sharia) into statutory law. The growing orthodoxy made the protection of honours not only a social but religious duty, thereby spurring homicide of men and women (Lincoln, 1991).
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"Though the public trust doctrine is well suited to serve as a critical legal foundation for a coordinated, ecosystem-based Federal ocean policy, it has not yet been formally articulated by the Executive Branch, nor has it been recognized by Federal courts or expressly established in statutory law."
The broad language of statutory law guides the creation of administrative law through agencies like the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
These legal considerations address the gap between customary and statutory law in Namibia, recent relevant developments in the process of law reform, and judicial reflections on women and custom in Namibia.
AAJ Public Affairs worked for more than a year to include conference report language to clarify that the requirements under the report, the Consumer Product Safety Act, the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, the Flammable Fabrics Act, and the Poison Packaging Prevention Act do not preempt damages claims under state or local common law or state statutory law. This language should make it easier for AAJ members to hold manufacturers of dangerously defective consumer products accountable in court--and make it more difficult for manufacturers to argue that they are entitled to immunity simply because the CPSC regulates their products.

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