statutory law

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The critical choices between state and federal law today concern what rules of statutory interpretation, what standards of review, what administrative-law doctrines, and what other doctrines of statutory law federal courts should apply when they are interpreting state statutes, regardless of whether those state statutes stand alone or are the product of state efforts to implement federal legislation.
Apparently in the eyes of the soldiers the hierarchy of norms is reversed: The statutory law comes above and before constitutional law.
What the bishops' conference has sought in the 2010 health care reform bill was to raise the Hyde Amendment from an annual appropriations mechanism in Health and Human Services funding to more permanent statutory law in all U.
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Though the public trust doctrine is well suited to serve as a critical legal foundation for a coordinated, ecosystem-based Federal ocean policy, it has not yet been formally articulated by the Executive Branch, nor has it been recognized by Federal courts or expressly established in statutory law.
7) Drafters recognized the unique conflict of laws that arose when courts and legislatures alike had to decide between the application of international and domestic statutory law and customary tribal law.
The broad language of statutory law guides the creation of administrative law through agencies like the Nevada State Board of Nursing.
These legal considerations address the gap between customary and statutory law in Namibia, recent relevant developments in the process of law reform, and judicial reflections on women and custom in Namibia.
Then when the time came, they still didn't have the necessary statutory law in place for them to take over.
Divided into 14 sections, the book includes coverage of federal and state statutes, court cases, related governmental regulations, appendices of relevant Supreme Court decisions, and charts of the statutory law governing employment, public services, public accommodations and housing.
AAJ Public Affairs worked for more than a year to include conference report language to clarify that the requirements under the report, the Consumer Product Safety Act, the Federal Hazardous Substances Act, the Flammable Fabrics Act, and the Poison Packaging Prevention Act do not preempt damages claims under state or local common law or state statutory law.
hold that the federal statutory law does not bar a punitive award on top of damages for economic loss, but that the award here should be limited to an amount equal to compensatory damages,C[yen] he said.

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