statutory law

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The previous Parts discussed how courts resolve tensions between statutory law and executive orders.
Apparently in the eyes of the soldiers the hierarchy of norms is reversed: The statutory law comes above and before constitutional law.
In the appeal, Gisha draws attention to the state's obligation to maintain equality and freedom of worship with respect to access to sites that are holy to all religions, under statutory law, case law and international human rights law.
Statutory law can only be changed by the state legislature.
In this entire debate, the legal status of the Hyde Amendment itself is a matter of key importance: Introduced in 1976 by the late Henry Hyde, an Illinois Republican, it is not a statutory law but an annual amendment to the appropriations bill for Health and Human Services.
THIS year's Richard Dimbleby memorial lecture, broadcast last Sunday, sought to re-buff the main argument against death choice modifications to statutory law.
In Pakistan, the state-sponsored islamization programme that began under Zia-ul- Haq's regime (1979-88) promoted Islamic orthodoxy and made adultery a criminal offence by turning sections of Islamic law (the Sharia) into statutory law.
Since the existence of an insurable interest is governed by the case and statutory law of each state, it is essential to refer to these specific state laws for answers to questions regarding an insurable interest.
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Part II will examine hospitals' legal obligations with a particular emphasis on civil liability under state law and federal statutory law, and will address the inconsistent incentives these laws and regulations promote.
Though the public trust doctrine is well suited to serve as a critical legal foundation for a coordinated, ecosystem-based Federal ocean policy, it has not yet been formally articulated by the Executive Branch, nor has it been recognized by Federal courts or expressly established in statutory law.
The broad language of statutory law guides the creation of administrative law through agencies like the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

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