staunch loyalty

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His longevity is exceeded only by his staunch loyalty to Cov.
She also revealed her staunch loyalty to her father, when the interviewer brought up a 2004 statement from Donald Trump, in which (http://www.
A life spent in and out of foster care has left her with some serious trust issues, but the few who make it through her barriers--including a vulnerable fellow foster brother and a motherly therapist--will find staunch loyalty.
Only the staunch loyalty of fans, and the ease with which that loyalty can be exploited, keeps that model intact.
They were his staunch loyalty and dedication to the service of his king starting from King Abdul Aziz down to King Abdullah.
diplomatic cable as Mubarak's "poodle," a reference to his staunch loyalty to the 83-year-old former leader who ruled Egypt for nearly 30 years.
But she was selected shortly afterwards for the safe Conservative seat of Chesham and Amersham, and quickly gained a reputation in the Commons for staunch loyalty and assiduous questioning of the opposition - somuch so that the Times dubbed her "Mr Major's little ray of sunshine".
In all that time, the man who had established his reputation by defending party as a tool of political association in Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents (1770), and by his staunch loyalty to Rockingham's political connection, drifted, or was nudged, into increasing isolation, his little platoon diminishing as his rhetoric intensified.
It was his staunch loyalty to UMNO that moved Mahathir to bring him back into the Cabinet.
A few of those have been desperate blunders, and Adams has been forced to show staunch loyalty by refusing to axe the former England keeper from his team.
This combination, and their staunch loyalty to their unit, made them equally formidable fighters and a rifle in their hands gave them the advantage.