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Indeed, it is hard to imagine a stauncher supporter than Tabucchi in both his fiction and his essays of such matters as anti-totalitarianism, anti-colonialism, and the necessity for preserving the dignity of human life in the face of indifference and brutality, whether in Genoa, India, Portugal, or anywhere else in the world.
As a side benefit, he notes, board members see firsthand the good work the co-op is doing and they've become stauncher supporters of it.
It goes without saying that Ireland never had a stauncher supporter.
Some chefs are a little stauncher in their choices.
There was no stauncher patriot than Kipling but he could see, more clearly than most, the danger of being drunk with power and, although he was much misunderstood, being labelled an Imperialist or a Jingoist, he exercised some restraint on the pre-war world.
The rest of the field consists of Cat On Tour with Gary Boulanger, Tilden with Pat Day, Unruled with Herb McCauley, Favorable Ruling with Julie Krone, Gomtuu with Dave Penna and Stauncher with Pat Valenzuela.