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Apart from being a friend (a long distance one) he was also one of the British Nuclear Test Veterans' staunchest allies in Parliament for most of his 26 years as an MP.
Closing the gig will be a set by Geraint Lovgreen - one of the staunchest supporters of Wrexham Football Club - and Bob Delyn and yr Ebillion.
Even the staunchest of petrolheads will have to concede soon that this is really practical.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was accompanied by several officials in charge of arms manufacturing and acquisition during his recent visit to China, giving rise to speculation that he was seeking weapons supplies from his country's staunchest ally, a Seoul daily reported Monday.
I may have many flaws but not working hard enough - I think even my staunchest critics would not say that.
I may have many flaws, but not working hard enough - I think even my staunchest critics would not say that" - Deputy PM Nick Clegg.
Members of your squad may now become your staunchest ally or hold a long-term grudge, which will ultimately affect your chances of success long after you've tinkered with your tactics to the nth degree.
King of the Hill, co-created by Mike Judge, the brains behind Beavis and Butt-head, tends to be somewhat forgotten by all but its staunchest fans - which is odd when you consider the fact that it ran for 12 years and won several awards.
Summary: BEIRUT: One of the staunchest opponents to Hizbullah's arsenal, Lebanese Forces head Samir Geagea, will not attend a National Dialogue session scheduled for June 17 to discuss a defense strategy for the country.
Kennedy, US nursing has lost one of its staunchest supporters.
Trajanovski says that the tolerant police are very gentle to the hooligans promoting hate speech and violence, masked as the staunchest patriots and Christians.
These are extremely strong words, presumably aimed at Christians and Muslims alike who would be the staunchest of opponents.