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Cumhuriyet is a left-wing and staunchly secular daily which has had a critical view of the AK Party government's actions since the party came to power in 2002.
Germany, which had been staunchly against a rescue fund for the eurozone, could approve a EUR750bn bailout fund to buy bonds of crisis-hit governments.
The ILA is staunchly patriotic, stating that its initials also stand for I Love America!
Summary: France's Greens Wednesday hailed an opposition deal to campaign to reduce the country's reliance on atomic energy as a major break with France's staunchly pro-nuclear past.
He knows the movement is of the left, and specifically, to an extent, of the organized hard-left; he knows that the organized hard-left is staunchly pro-Palestinian; obviously, the organized hard-left is taking it in that direction because of its preconceived beliefs about the Mideast.
He said the decision was taken because the pipeline was planned to cross a section of land that is a national reserve and that local residents were staunchly opposed to it.
A sampling of offbeat and lighthearted stories will transplant readers to the bygone days of Ypsilanti: from the fight Ypsilanti waged against standardized time to the gloom apparent in an Ypsilantian's Depression-era grocery receipt, and from Jackson's glowing pork chop to the time Ypsilantians staunchly defended themselves against accusations of "sloppy speech." Enjoy these quirky tales and learn what life used to be like in this city along the Huron River.
31, after months of staunchly opposing the project.
Not to mention the beaches, where women staunchly parade topless.
Summary: Sepp Blatter has staunchly defended Real Madrid's world-record bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, comparing it to purchasing a Picasso painting.
"Fanatics and takfiriyoon [people who consider those who have ideologies different than theirs as unbelievers] must not be tolerated because they represent ideology terrorism that we staunchly reject," he said in an interview published on Tuesday by the Al Hayat daily.
United's presentation party was led by the distinguished and respected Bobby Charlton, a staunchly one-club man who modestly declined to place a winner's medal around his neck.