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As onlookers grazed, a tractor-driven staunchness guest found herself outside the "big league," and plunged to an uncertain chutney outage of heretofore flopping traffic points.
Because the verb stehen, "stand," throughout Celan's writing means staunchness, holding on against the odds, I tried in my Ariel essay an idiomatic turn:
Yet she knew -- as she says in a telling phrase that has infuriated Howe and his admirers -- even while listening to his speech that ~Geoffrey Howe from this point on would be remembered not for his staunchness as Chancellor, not for his skilful diplomacy as Foreign Secretary, but for this final act of bile and treachery'.
It was rather overwhelming to see the staunchness of the support we received.
But they were not able to break their steel-like staunchness.
But that good comes at certain costs, and one of them is the insistence on absolute staunchness at the dog's first whiff of scent.
The staunchness of Birmingham in the Parliamentary cause also inflamed the bile of a leading Royalist who wrote an influential history of the Civil War.
But his expenditure of effort, staunchness and sheer resolution was immense and it was on those qualities that Coventry based what turned out to be another notable win.
Honora Elizabeth Laskey Minter and her ilk display the strange staunchness of self-creation, the often-ignored aggressive calm and defiance of femininity.