stave off

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To stave off wrinkles, it's better to resort to the simple expedients of wearing sun block every day including the winter, avoiding sunbeds like the plague and not smoking.
I'M BORED: Every parent will be trying their best to stave off that dreaded cry during the summer holidays
The question is, if you do your mental aerobics, will brain exercise stave off Alzheimer's?
It should do so with a view to making its economy more competitive to stave off the Chinese challenge as well as to raising its dismally low savings and investment rates.
If we had had 500 small-sized buildings in Astoria, for example, cutting back on electricity just a bit during the crisis, the data shows we would have provided the power to stave off the failures that left them and their neighbors in the stifling darkness, for days," he said.
He stormed into a 5-2 lead only for Pavel to win four of the next five points to stave off set point three times.
While it keeps everything within it safe, secure and protected From the outside elements, it also manages to stave off potential positive influences and ideas, at least if we're talking about the box that most of us have in our minds, the one that limits our imagination.
In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mercury, he warned that the Blues were now so close to their overdraft limit that they would need a pounds 2 million cash injection just to stave off the banks.
22 to 26, Haaxma and her team presented data suggesting that estrogens may control dopamine concentrations and stave off the onset of Parkinson's disease.
a way to stave off dehydration and help students think more clearly, according to The Baltimore Sun.
One observation shared by commentators is the overall financial health of the industry going into the storm season and the large amounts of capital that flowed into the industry afterward, both of which tend to stave off a hard market.
Guided injections have been shown to alleviate the pain within hours of treatment, stave off pain for several days, and generally postpone and in many cases eliminate the need for surgery altogether.