stay incognito

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She said his visit had been very successful and added: "The inspector managed to stay incognito.
They had better wear fancy dress if they want to stay incognito for the rest of the weekend.
They refuse to stay incognito during these nine months and feel absolutely confident about flaunting their curves.
Since her cheating scandal, Stewart has managed to stay incognito under the radar of media.
You have to kind of make sure that you stay incognito and that you get yourself to Tehran in order to try to free the hostages.
After searching high and low it seemed the notorious conman was determined to stay incognito.
With the amount of hair I've got and how bright a colour it is, I can't really stay incognito.
Tony Hadley is out there," stressed Colin, over a frothing pint at The Drum and Monkey, "but he's probably changed the way he looks to stay incognito.
Being a monk Ignacio must stay incognito, as the priests who run the orphanage believe that wrestling is a sin and if they find out that he moonlights as a wrestler he will be banished forever from the orphanage.
The last time he dressed in order to stay incognito, however, was a disaster.