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Third: 1 Shaneboy Freddie, 2 Stay Loose, 3 Young Romeo, 4 Lenson Santi (m), 5 Savana Terry (m), 6 Ajlo Legalbeagle (w).
For all his willingness to stay loose, says James Lapine, who directed Putnam County Spelling Bee, "Dan was very exacting; he knew what he wanted to do, and he didn't come in expecting to do it all on his feet.
It was an unbelievable wait and I knew I had to stay loose, as well as get some sleep in the car as I fancied I was going into a play-off.
Third: 1 Stay Loose, 2 Tynwald Baz, 3 Sidarian Padre, 4 Corrig Echo, 5 Shutthebackdoor, 6 Farloe Cody (m).
The Woolies turned it into their chance to regroup, using the time to stay loose and cheer with their fans.
Kellen Clemens, the starting UO quarterback, said he'll use a hand-warmer, and both quarterbacks plan to make sure they throw more on the sidelines to stay loose.
Lister can end on a high courtesy of Stay Loose in the finale at 10.
Lister had earlier qualified Stay Loose for Saturday's third round after the 2015 Gymcrack hero made a bold bid for glory in heat two.
I'm still clapping hands, throwing towels, jumping up when my teammates do something good," he said, "and just basically trying to stay loose for whenever he calls me to go out there.
Cassell rode a stationary bike during the third quarter in an attempt to stay loose.
Because of the length of time in between innings and then with pitching changes, things like that, he was down in the tunnel trying to stay loose," said Terry Francona, the first manager in history to win his first six World Series games.
Minnesota will have to find a way, however, for Cassell to stay loose during the team's four-hour flight to Los Angeles today.