stay together

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Viewers will see that the third time's the charm for BET's hit series, LET'S STAY TOGETHER.
He said: "Under the existing system, it does not pay for people to stay together as a couple if they have children or for single mothers to move in with new partners.
However, Dr Morgan told a gathering in Llandudno that the role of parents needed to be re-evaluated to ensure children are brought up in a loving, stable environment and that parents needed to work hard to stay together and spend enough quality time with their children.
Even if there is a baby, it would be wrong to stay together only for the child.
We know that there are couples who will stay together until the economic outlook is more certain and only then will they decide to divorce.
His classic hits - Let's Stay Together, Tired Of Being Alone and Take Me To The River - made him a soul sensation alongside Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke and Wilson Pickett.
All children want their parents to stay together, but without the fighting," says Suzie Hayman, of the parenting helpline Parentline Plus.
It's unknown how long Willy and Nicole will stay together.
The Windsor Report considered ways Anglican churches can stay together in light of stresses over homosexuality and the St.
Follower ants also tapped their antennae on the backs of the leaders, and both ants adjusted their speeds to stay together.
They feel completely alienated and stay together for comfort.
Learn how to stay together as a family, how to adjust to long absences and uncertain communications, how to overcome the challenges of single-family parenting and new responsibilities, and how to manage financially through a blend of personal stores from hundreds of fellow military families and checklists.