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The Princess, however, entreated him to stay, saying that the next night would not be so bad, and in the end he gave in and stayed.
The Irishman stayed there all night, and as soon as morning came rose to go.
He stayed there all night, but there was not a word in the book about the Blue Mountains.
While we stayed here we were given to understand that those who had been pleased at Goa to give us directions in relation to our journey had done nothing but tell us lies.
She being with child and in her seventh month, Juno brought the child to birth though there was a month still wanting, but she stayed the offspring of Alcmena, and kept back the Ilithuiae.
On this he sent the other princes away, save only the two sons of Atreus and Ulysses, Nestor, Idomeneus, and the knight Phoenix, who stayed behind and tried to comfort him in the bitterness of his sorrow: but he would not be comforted till he should have flung himself into the jaws of battle, and he fetched sigh on sigh, thinking ever of Patroclus.
When he had thus said the Erinyes stayed his speech, and Achilles answered him in great sadness, saying, "Why, O Xanthus, do you thus foretell my death?
When a debtor files for bankruptcy, almost all proceedings to recover property from the debtor are automatically stayed by force of law.
Application of prestressed steel stayed columns provides substantial increase of these values at the cost of rather higher expenses for fabrication and assembly, and may also affect aesthetics of the structure (Fig.
It is possible for an arbitration to be stayed pending a second arbitration through a motion to stay.
That proportion steadily dropped through the decades until 1999, when only 23 percent of moms stayed at home.
Tourists stayed in tourist accommodations on average four days, the longest in health (spa) resorts On average, in 2012 domestic tourists stayed in tourist accommodations 3.3 nights and foreign tourists 2.7 nights.