staying power

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Because staying power is by far the most important factor and heavily outweighs anything else, picking between a host of thorough stayers is not easy; their other defining characteristics are of limited use in determining their prospects.
Some prominent Americans said this time would come, and now it is here: the season when American staying power in Iraq is being seriously tested.
Having the initiative and the staying power to complete two audits per year can keep a corrugator in OEM condition.
Not only can they afford to shop around for the most promising start-up firms, but their financial resources and staying power also make them attractive to entrepreneurs.
PepsiCo is looking for suppliers with an established record of business performance, knowledge of the industry and staying power.
com selected Catex and a handful of companies in the financial-services category based on strategy, execution, financial staying power and Web site design.
What Love Supreme does most effectively is demonstrate that love can sprout in the unlikeliest of circumstances--in a homeless shelter, in a drug treatment program, or a doctor's office--and that any thriving love relationship has to find some way to survive conflict if it's to have any staying power.
Case, Chambers, Dell, Gerstner, and McNealy have been finalists for the last three years, which is testimony to their staying power as visionaries during a period of market volatility.
Students with high self-efficacy not only prefer normatively difficult activities but also display high staying power in those pursuits.
A useful example of the staying power of paper, even in the face of new technology, can be seen in the story of the paper check.
Nor is there any evidence that it can promote greater staying power or more intense orgasms in men who have no problem getting an erection.
But the very fact that this information comes to me in magazines, newsletters and books shows the staying power of print.