staying power

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Staying power: Regular re-runs needed Cocoa Brown by Marissa like, not /50 every few days to stop streaking 4/10
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A deep plum, this is an almost aubergine matte colour that has great staying power.
They have significant staying power because each brand consistently delivers on its brand experience and remains relevant to today's consumers, according to the study.
This allows the color to meld with lips for staying power and a weightless feel.
Caersws showed the greater staying power, though, Mitchell adding two more and Tom Lapworth collecting another.
Stating that Naxalites want to overthrow the established authority of the Government through armed liberation struggle, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram had on Thursday said the country needs a strong head, a stronger heart and enormous staying power to counter the Maoist menace.
Luscious lashes that look 50% longer, with a staying power of 24 hours -- no matter what the day throws at you, facing it will be so much easier when you know you look fabulous.
Summary: Does the Dollar's NFP Rally Have Staying Power? Euro May See Further Declines Ahead of Euro-zone Q2 GDP, CPI Japanese Yen Vulnerable if Economics Overtake...
The only problem is, it didn't really have any staying power.
Verdict: OK and some lovely colours, but its staying power isn't that good.
South Nashua has proven its staying power as a robust regional retail draw.