staying power

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Staying power verdict: 'Once I'd got over the fact I was drawing on my lips with what looks like a magic marker, I was impressed.
The Staying Power dossier builds on a 2005 IOF report, The Adherence Gap: Why Osteoporosis Patients Don't Continue with Treatment, which identified lack of adherence in five large European countries.
On good ground, marathon chases are actually an interesting betting medium, because in those conditions horses need not only staying power but an ability to hold a good position and to have some pace, rather than simply plugging on stoically in hock-deep mud.
They don't want America to leave, but they fear an erosion of American staying power under the current policy.
Not only can they afford to shop around for the most promising start-up firms, but their financial resources and staying power also make them attractive to entrepreneurs.
PepsiCo is looking for suppliers with an established record of business performance, knowledge of the industry and staying power.
In his speech, titled "Knowing When to Hold and When to Fold: The High-Stakes Betting of Investment Banking," Lee will discuss his criteria for evaluating investment opportunities, and how he looks to the character of the principal players as the best guide to a client's staying power and a deal's potential for success.
com selected Catex and a handful of companies in the financial-services category based on strategy, execution, financial staying power and Web site design.
Fall means a harvest of books by "newcomers" whom we read for the first time and hope they return with even stronger work and prove their staying power.
Case, Chambers, Dell, Gerstner, and McNealy have been finalists for the last three years, which is testimony to their staying power as visionaries during a period of market volatility.
Students with high self-efficacy not only prefer normatively difficult activities but also display high staying power in those pursuits.
A useful example of the staying power of paper, even in the face of new technology, can be seen in the story of the paper check.