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But Stead reckons a potential victory in the replay for Kevin Nolan's men at the Liberty would compare very nicely.
Mr Stead, 34, suffered catastrophic head injuries and died nine months later.
Stead took the third game 11-7 including a remarkable recovery shot from a net cord.
Stead said Bouchard this year has mostly been running the county Demolition Team operations.
WT Stead became known as the father of modern journalism, a pioneer of investigative journalism and the birth of the tabloid.
In doing so, Stead traversed boundaries in ways that presaged New Journalism, the paternity of which Nicholson clarifies.
Despite the different periodicities of his newspaper and magazine, Stead was committed to coining the moment, justifying the relevance of his publications through the way they embodied the concerns of the day.
HYM kicked the ball long which Wirral gathered and looked to control only for them to give away a penalty which the reliable Stead converted to level.
Stead broke on to a header from fellow substitute Steve Davies and took his time before beatingeiret Loach with a low left-footed shot from 10 yards.
Stead wrote How the Mail Steamer went down in the Atlantic.
Stead gave the nascent Northern Echo a profile usually enjoyed by London newspapers, even garnering approval from the then prime minister William Gladstone who facilitated his move to London in 1880.
Cardiff Crown Court heard Stead, who has been known to the psychiatric services for years, attacked the boy after finding him drunk and separated from his friends.