steadfast belief

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On the other candidates, they added: "Never one to panic, his (McCarthy's) calmness under pressure and steadfast belief in his players allowed them to flourish in November and pick up 10 points from a maximum 12, which included threegoal wins at Rotherham and Charlton.
Within this, two themes have long been close to our heart as we have sought to leave the communities in which we do business better than we found them: A steadfast belief in the transformative power of education and the conviction that you can do right by the environment even as you do right by your shareholders," Heikal noted.
THE wonderful thing about dreamers such as Arsene Wenger is their steadfast belief that the impossible is nothing.
As a Registered Nurse, I have always had a true compassion for my patients and a steadfast belief in consistent nursing quality.
As we sally forth with the steadfast belief that a quarter-mile shot will be minimal (and the childlike faith that half-mile shots are practical under field conditions), I think all too many of us establish a sight-in that is too high at 100 yards and thus are zeroed at too great a range.
Instead of making "Cinderella'' dark and gritty or dystopian, which Branagh believes have become cliched, he and screenwriter Chris Weitz ("About a Boy'') imagined a world where she's guided by a steadfast belief in kindness.
Al-Raisi further stressed the steadfast belief of the bank in the benefits of maintaining a healthy life style and the National Sport Day is a good opportunity in this regard.
We looked into his or her eyes and saw steadfast belief in us reflected back.
To be sure, various societal authorities have endowed me with their seal of approval, but unless backed by my personal integrity, my steadfast belief in my ability to see it through, of what worth is such a seal?
Kasrils, who later went on to become defence minister in Mandela's government (1994-99), goes on to reveal what appeared to have influenced Mandela's steadfast belief in the freedom struggle.
From the beginning, it has been my steadfast belief that we would not be able to treat or cure HIV/AIDS when people living with the disease or very vulnerable to it are shunned, hidden, or denied their human rights," said Sir Elton John.
Moyes' only consolation is a steadfast belief in the qualities of the players at his disposal, even if he has been unable to make the new signings he wanted.