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Butler, who spent eight months in Houston Ballet before joining big sister Martha (a former ABT soloist) in New York, is steadfastly proud of her work supporting the company.
Kenneth Olden has worked steadfastly to develop the field of environmental health.
A riviting story based on true events, and the lives of those Mormons who were driven from their homes because of their religion--the author's own great-grandfather was one such courageous and steadfastly faithful soul.
We have steadfastly refused to sign any nondisclosure agreements," stated Ken Johnson, spokesman for Rep.
Engblom spent the three-day show visiting with his friends such as Mickey Munoz, Greg Noll, Richard Novak, Mofo and Danny Trejho while he steadfastly ignored all customers.
Like other children, we didn't actually see the presents till Christmas morning, and we steadfastly and innocently held to the belief that St.
For most of the past thirty years, industry groups steadfastly opposed federal intrusion into the manufacturing process.
Sure enough, the starter did give the all-clear signal, but the hare stayed steadfastly in its resting position.
Population Fund, which the Holy Father criticized for promotion of population control with fear tactics: "All propaganda and misinformation directed at persuading couples that they must limit their family to one or two children should be steadfastly avoided, and couples that generously choose to have large families are to be supported.
The company began this initiative three decades ago and remains steadfastly committed to partnering with firms owned by minorities and women.
recently completed construction of a world-class research headquarters in Groton, and the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics steadfastly perseveres as a major defense contractor.
Alcoholics Anonymous saved my life: Without the program that I had in the past steadfastly refused to practice, I most certainly would be dead now.