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As it had steadied her when it lay desolate, so now that it had meaning from their few months of life within, it soothed and promised good.
Under her hat-brim he saw the pallor of her profile, and a slight tremor of the nostril above her resolutely steadied lips.
She steadied herself with one hand on the chimney-piece.
All the different heads swung slightly or steadied themselves into a position in which they could gaze straight at the speaker's face, and the same rather solemn expression was visible on all of them.
With one hand Tarzan grasped the girl's arm and steadied her as the two crawled slowly across the few feet which intervened between the two seats.
Then he led her to the ship's side, steadied her descent of the monkey-ladder, holding the child for her as she climbed to the waiting boat below.
The clerk half closed his eyes and steadied himself by grasping the back of a chair.