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Sean's beloved pop Liam (Ian Holm, a lot steadier here than he is in ``The Fifth Element'') is almost killed by Harlem's Most Ruthless Drug Dealer; three other officers participating in the botched raid aren't even that lucky.
While seasonal fluctuations in agricultural jobs influence figures in the west county, job growth has been steadier in the east.
This dynamic market has not had as high a profile as that of lasers used in WDM systems, but it represents a much larger volume of lasers, and it has been steadier through the downturn," says Tom Hausken, Optical Communication Components Practice Director at Strategies Unlimited.
There were long games and entertaining rallies after that, but Huber was the steadier, the quicker - and the winner.
Fortunately, our programs remain much steadier with respect to inflation, and employers continue to see the value of dental benefits to attract and retain a productive work force.
MANILA, Philippines Valenzuela Classic-Yulz proved steadier in the clutch, hacking out a dramatic 79-78 victory over Caloocan Supremos-Lonrich at the Caloocan Sports Complex to become the first team to win on the road in the MPBL Anta-Rajah Cup late Thursday.
Copper is having a steadier new year after finishing 2017 with a strong rally.
The difference is that they are steadier to stack and much easier to fill to capacity.
Meanwhile, Emilio Aguinaldo College proved steadier down the stretch as it subdued Perpetual Help, 61-57.
The new self-start Honda 150cc motorcycle built on latest technology not only provides a steadier ride and best fuel economy in its class but also gives unprecedented safety and security features to fit requirements of Pakistani customers.
Azarenka, seeded 13th, turned out to be the steadier side, leaving Russian Kuznetsova, seeded 15th, doing most of the running.
Belinda Barclay, Animal Manager at Knowsley Safari, said: "Mum and foal are doing incredibly well, and Takari is becoming much steadier on his feet.