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Brooke in arranging "documents" about hanging sheep-stealers, was exemplifying the power our minds have of riding several horses at once by inwardly arranging measures towards getting a lodging for himself in Middlemarch and cutting short his constant residence at the Grange; while there flitted through all these steadier images a tickling vision of a sheep-stealing epic written with Homeric particularity.
and as you saw her, my wife, my wife that I love'--his voice, and eye, and hand, grew steadier and firmer as he repeated these words: evidently in pursuance of a steadfast purpose--'as you saw her at this disadvantage, it is right and just that you should also see with my eyes, and look into my breast, and know what my mind is, upon the subject.
I have; regularly floored; but I 'm up again, and steadier than ever.
His gaze and his hand-clasp grew firmer and steadier, if that were possible; and the question that had grown from the first in his eyes, grew only the more imperative.
Matthew and Marilla don't know anything about children and they'll expect him to be wiser and steadier that his own grandfather, if so be's he ever had a grandfather, which is doubtful.
It's a steadier, stronger, truer pace; and you'll see it tell when they're half-way through.
This pious reasoning, and perhaps the fear of being too late, supported the bride through the ceremony of robing, after which, strong tea and brandy were administered in alternate doses as a means of strengthening her feeble limbs and causing her to walk steadier.
And so the Doctor, at the beginning of the next half-year, looked out the best of the new boys, and separated you and East, and put the young boy into your study, in the hope that when you had somebody to lean on you, you would begin to stand a little steadier yourself, and get manliness and thoughtfulness.
She seemed to gather courage as she advanced, and to walk with a steadier and firmer step.
Keeping a steady hand and an even steadier patience, the 44-year-old used a diamond chisel to create the trophy on a pin head.
it was steadier trading in America, however, that helped pull the FTSE 100 out of its tailspin.
It also has a steadier canopy that in test jumps has reduced injury rates by 70 percent, according to the developer.