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Turns out, over the long-run, the race will indeed go to the slower, steadier animal.
Copper is having a steadier new year after finishing 2017 with a strong rally.
The difference is that they are steadier to stack and much easier to fill to capacity.
The new self-start Honda 150cc motorcycle built on latest technology not only provides a steadier ride and best fuel economy in its class but also gives unprecedented safety and security features to fit requirements of Pakistani customers.
Azarenka, seeded 13th, turned out to be the steadier side, leaving Russian Kuznetsova, seeded 15th, doing most of the running.
The park's newest arrival, a Chinese Kiang foal, was born a month ago and is apparently now becoming "steadier on his feet".
Average corporate deal values were much steadier at PS153m up from PS142m.
But, he said there were "contradictory signals" on Pakistan."There should be steadier thinking, steadier guage." "It is not a good idea that in the fascination for out of box ideas to ignore the institutional memory embedded in the Ministry of External Affairs and outside," he added.
The PYMA leaders said that regular and steadier reduction in mark-up rate over the period is shedding positive effects on industry business and trade as the national economy is gradually pulling out of the stagnancy and is on the recovery path.
In addition, the slimmer body makes for a deeper grip that provides a firmer, steadier hold as well as superior portability.
Just about every bowhunter I know wishes they could hold their bow steadier. For the most part, a person's potential as an archer is determined by how steady they can hold the pin on target.