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But the ones that helped us hold steadiest were the ones that held the weight as far away from the hand as possible.
Kipp's going to break it down for you, because we know the kind of confusion the mere mention of EIDA can instill in even the steadiest of minds.
Is it a coincidence that England's two steadiest clubs, Manchester United and Arsenal, have both got managers who qualify for long-service medals ?
We rambled on about the Britannic, this new 27,000-ton liner, the steadiest afloat.
Perfect for distance zoom and night shots when even the steadiest hand can't stop blurring.
If the steadiest waitress dropped through me she would not flower.
And in an offense that features a baby backfield - sophomore Derrick Coleman, redshirt freshmen Johnathan Franklin and Milton Knox and true freshman Damien Thigpen - sometimes the steadiest hand, while unspectacular, is the safest.
Monroe has been one of the state's steadiest small-school football programs for more than a decade.
That is why we have the lowest inflation in the region and the steadiest growth.
Previously one of Labour's steadiest performers, many were surprised at the promotion to a role which has proved a poisoned chalice for several of her predecessors.
The steadiest presence has, however, been highest among evangelicals or conservative Protestants, including Baptist, Pentecostal, Alliance, Mennonite denominations, and other independent congregations with no official denominational ties.
I say this with no disrespect to Trevor Cherry - a youngster who is coming along in leaps and bounds - that he was the coolest and steadiest in Town's defence on Saturday.