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However, those secondary items such as distribution steadily increased, prompting electricity distribution companies to steadily raise the electricity usage price by 38 percent.
Since Niall Quinn's Drumaville consortium took over Sunderland and installed Roy Keane as manager, home interest in the co-called Black Cats has grown steadily.
She added: "Things have steadily got worse since my husband Stephen died six years ago in a car crash.
California's Central Valley has become steadily more Republican over the past 15 years.
The proportion of women who had multiple gestations increased steadily from less than 1% among teenagers to nearly 3% among women aged 40 or older.
The Japan's economy continues to recover steadily,'' the central bank said in the January economic report.
While we know that user fees have been going up steadily (another form of taxation under a different name), it has not been clearly explained by our political leaders that our tax bases have been steadily shrinking since the late '90s.
During the same period, credit unions' membership increased steadily from 71.
Over the next few quarters, revenues in the plastics market will slowly but steadily increase while the costs of manufacturing will ease.
Indeed, Woodroe Raynor, the central character in Getting It Right, denounces the JBS after reading a 1965 essay by Welch in the Birch Society Bulletin (not, as Buckley erroneously writes, American Opinion magazine) warning that our involvement in Vietnam would escalate steadily "into a larger and longer and more infamous Korea" while the power of centralized government would steadily grow at home.
From the early 1900s, when some areas began systematic reporting of death rates, tuberculosis rates steadily declined from approximately 200 deaths per 100,000 per year to less than 1 death per 100,000 in 1985.