steady advance

See: progress
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Nor did the mighty beast even pause in his steady advance along the ledge.
Facts not to be disregarded are the steady advance of the short story, beginning early in the Victorian period or before, to a position of almost chief prominence with the novel; and the rise of American literature to a position approaching equality with that of England.
But don't forget the Left's steady advance among West Germans who would once have voted SPD.
The army and allied forces continued their slow, but nonetheless steady advance in Northeastern Hama after recommencing major offensive operations throughout the semi-desert plains region several days ago.
Patrick was able to make a slow and steady advance in the third quarter, closing the gap to 10 points.
Earlier, Egyptian authorities took a steady advance on the streets of downtown Cairo, evacuating unauthorized street vendors and retaking main squares.
economy continued its slow, steady advance at the beginning of the year.
com/syria-war-latest-update-will-assad-win-aleppo-victory-close-ending-war-2457340) steady advance against opposition forces in Aleppo, Syria's largest city and commercial capital prior to the war, was met with mixed reactions by Syrians in the city.
WARWICKSHIRE spent the opening day of their match against Middlesex in unspectacular but steady advance as they strive to set down a platform for the win they need to sustain their bid for the championship title - and a trophy treble.
The steady advance of new car sales shows no sign of slowing down.
It's a well-known fact that it was as much the demise of the bison, which once roamed the endless prairies of the west in their tens of millions, as the steady advance of eastern "civilisation", that ended the Indian way of life.
The recording could easily go on, and extreme care needs to be taken to avoid romanticising the preceding era as one of workers making a steady advance.