steady application

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For, with but a bit of broken sea-shell or a shark's tooth, that miraculous intricacy of wooden net-work has been achieved; and it has cost steady years of steady application.
Then three years of steady application produced his first volume, in
I must have been married, if I may trust to my imperfect memory for dates, about a year or so, when one evening, as I was returning from a solitary walk, thinking of the book I was then writing - for my success had steadily increased with my steady application, and I was engaged at that time upon my first work of fiction - I came past Mrs.
Doubtless; but I fear that my young relative Will Ladislaw is chiefly determined in his aversion to these callings by a dislike to steady application, and to that kind of acquirement which is needful instrumentally, but is not charming or immediately inviting to self-indulgent taste.
Three or four days of steady application tendered him master of all the facts it was essential to become acquainted with.
The steady application of this principle brought Rabourdin to reforms in the finance system.
Considering that this was a race amongst the seniors who are over 55 years of age but less than 70, the competitive touch was sharp indeed and victory for Javed Khan came through steady application of golfing skills.
We agreed that over an extended period, that steady application of small changes--raising the bar in small increments has produced a profound effect.
In fact, this month in Modern we fix the spotlight on the gradual, but steady application of a lift truck fleet management program that's now driving impressive productivity gains and generating considerable cost savings for the folks at Scotts Miracle-Gro.
Even so, most authors do graduate from university and lead a fairly conventional existence of ambition and steady application.
The company said users had complained of inconsistent brake feel during slow and steady application of brakes on rough or  slick road surfaces when the anti-lock brake system is activated in an effort to maintain tire traction.
The best security comes from written policies and procedures, well-trained personnel and the steady application and enforcement of policies and procedures, including adequate safeguards in the event of a potential data breach.