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Gradually their talk died out and drowsiness began to steal upon the eyelids of the little waifs.
They eat up the chicken food, and steal the oats and bran, and make holes in the meal bags.
His mind--such as it was--was fixed on her trying to steal, and he credited her at once with making use of this new opportunity.
DAN: "I'll steal it out of his Bible in Sunday School.
PATIENT SUFFERER:--What will I do when a young man steals a lock of my hair?
And so, when he was caught while trying to steal the cows of Iphiclus and taken bound to the city of Aegina, and when the house, in which Iphiclus was, was about to fall, he told an old woman, one of the servants of Iphiclus, and in return was released.
He who steals grapes may very easily steal chickens also.
For this fool of a young man thought that she and Helen and Tibby had been playing the confidence trick on him, and that if he gave his address they would break into his rooms some midnight or other and steal his walkingstick too.
They steal the works of the inventors and the treasures of the wise.
Then how,' said the old man, looking fearfully round, 'how can you bear to think that we are safe, when they are searching for me everywhere, and may come here, and steal upon us, even while we're talking?
Who steals my purse steals my right to live," was the reply, "old saws to the contrary.
With four out of every five shoplifting offences detected our message is clear - come to North Tyneside to steal and the likelihood is you will get caught.