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STEALING. This term imports, ex vi termini, nearly the same as larceny; but in common parlance, it does not always import a felony; as, for example, you stole an acre of my land.
     2. In slander cases, it seems that the term stealing takes its complexion from the subject-matter to which it is applied, and will be considered as intended of a felonious stealing, if a felony could have been committed of such subject-matter. Stark. on Slan. 80; 12 Johns. Rep. 239; 3 Binn. R. 546; Whart. Dig. tit. Slander.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Wakhungu was charged with conspiracy to steal Sh294.8 million.
Meanwhile his countryman, A.M., pleaded guilty and admitted before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal that he stole the chewing gum and tried to steal money from passengers' luggage.
Just two years later, in 1976, players would steal more than 3,000 bases, a total last achieved in 1915.
A lot of offensive tactics that made baseball managers famous--the bunt, the steal, the hit and run--could be proven to have been, in most situations, either pointless or self-defeating.
It isn't likely that thieves who steals aluminum siding will shop regionally for the best price.
They never use stolen credit cards to purchase airline tickets when they fly to a distant location to steal or to pass credit cards.
Rather than draw on his own experiences in The Art of the Steal, the author details the frauds and con routines of others.
"Can I now tell the kids it's all right to steal, at least from Bill Gates and Microsoft?" I asked.
For example, a touch of the hat will call for the hit and run; a touch of the belt for bunt; and a touch of the sleeve for steal.
Before Julie's apprehension, two other employees were waiting to see what their employer would do about these thefts, their reasoning being that if another employee could steal and get away with it, so could they.
Thieves also damaged the other wing mirror, in attempt to steal it, and the rear section of the exhaust pipe was taken.
Embezzlements can be uncovered, but more importantly, people like Lemon will be much less likely to steal knowing a CPA will be scrutinizing their activities.