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STEALING. This term imports, ex vi termini, nearly the same as larceny; but in common parlance, it does not always import a felony; as, for example, you stole an acre of my land.
     2. In slander cases, it seems that the term stealing takes its complexion from the subject-matter to which it is applied, and will be considered as intended of a felonious stealing, if a felony could have been committed of such subject-matter. Stark. on Slan. 80; 12 Johns. Rep. 239; 3 Binn. R. 546; Whart. Dig. tit. Slander.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The New York Yankees teams of the 1950s surely were slow-footed, but that power-laden team also rarely attempted to steal bases (Billy Martin, for example, was the only player on the 1953 Yankees who attempted as many as 13 stolen bases, stealing only six that season).
Accused of stealing PS50 from Asda, |in Portrack Lane, Stockton.
A 14-year-old boy pleaded guilty to entering Orange as a trespasser and stealing mobile phones.
As for the official statistics of baseball, caught stealing was only sporadically recognized; not until in 1951 was it finally recognized as an official statistic in both leagues for good.
It ended with me arguing that if the store took my money for a defective product, and if on production of proof of the defect it would not return my money, then it was stealing from me.
She had a nervous breakdown because of the pressure from all those years of stealing and covering it up; she came forward and confessed.
He discovered silk stealing in South American Argyrodes when he saw a spider dash into a smaller species' web.
The next day, Julie was observed by another staff member reaching into a resident's dresser drawer and stealing a gold necklace.
Bill Deane undertook a private study in 1991 of Johnny Bench's stolen bases and caught stealing allowed which encouraged me to try to incorporate that analysis into the catcher rating.
They reopened the case when a landowner in a nearby county caught a suspect stealing black-walnut trees from his property.
However, anyone who has hired a "good interview" and later discovered that person stealing is well aware of the dangers of relying on the interview as the sole process for eliminating the proverbial "bad apple." While no one would argue against interviewing potential employees to determine job fit, research indicates that a carefully designed and administered "integrity test" is the most reliable and valid to determine who is likely to steal, abuse drugs or alcohol, or display hostile tendencies.
March 14 A washing machine was stolen from a house and a suspect was charged after stealing a scooter.