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DOWN UP ON THE JENNIFER LAWRENCE THE actress, right, says we should stop calling women "fat" and steals the show in American Hustle.
While the paintings are formally impressive, a mechanized sculpture that creeps around its own little laser-disk-paved playpen (A Robot to Fall in Love /or not, 1994) steals the show.
Type in the phrase "Dickens Cider" and a list of search items will appear showing a link to the article "Catchy Name Catches Fire in Las Vegas as Dickens Cider Steals the Show.
Whitten, the best guitarist Young ever played with, almost steals the show again on an epic 16-minute ``Cowgirl in the Sand,'' where his concise guitar lines in tandem with Young's, urged along by fellow Horsemen (pianist Jack Nitzsche, bassist Billy Talbot and drummer Ralph Molina), reveal a great, loose band at the peak of its powers.
Lopez steals the show in New York JENNIFER Lopez stole the show today at this year's VH1 Fashion Awards in New York.