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Drones operating in areas such as Asia will need to be faster and stealthier to avoid detection by operators using advanced air defense systems.
We believe that APT groups will evolve to become stealthier and sneakier, in order to better avoid exposure.
Malware authors will adopt stealthier techniques for command-and-control (CnC) communications.
Gotham's interior spaces house more challenging set pieces that require a stealthier approach; instead of jumping into the fray, it's wiser to hang from the rafters and pick off enemies one by one.
Players must be stealthier than ever in this section, as only certain disguises allow you to enter designated areas of the house.
By 2025 new effectors that enable better control of force and engagement of stealthier targets will join the mix.
Although drones cannot carry the same amount of firepower as Israel's fleet of Apache and Cobra helicopter gunships, they are stealthier, have the ability to deliver pin-point strikes and, for casualty-conscious Israel, there are no aircrews to lose.
In another development, aviation experts said a helicopter used in the assault appeared to be a stealthier, top-secret and never-before-seen version of a routinely used special ops helicopter.
In the world of UAVs, the push will be to make them smaller and stealthier.
The research will lead to UAVs that are safer, more manoeuvrable and stealthier.
There is another problem that comes from seizures that is even stealthier than the post-ictal state.