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The 360-foot long Tucson is one of the stealthiest and most advanced submarines in the world.
There are many types of scanning worms, but Choi calls local scanning worms the stealthiest because they're the most efficient of the worms and can evade even the best worm defenses.
There's a simulator, PowerPoint slides and a video, backed by a soaring musical score, in which Air Force pilots rhapsodize about the fastest, stealthiest, most advanced dogfighter ever built.
The stealthiest "Quantum of Solace" gets is sequences in which players have to use a silencer and avoid security cameras before the inevitable frenetic violence starts.
If they do manage to prevail over Wolverhampton Wanderers in the play-off semi-final tomorrow night, then again at Wembley in a fortnight, praise Mowbray for one of the stealthiest of transfer bargains, snapping up the experienced and reliable goalkeeper, Dean Kiely.
The limits he places around his daughter led Jenkyns to describe him as "the stealthiest of the villains" (158) in Austen's works and to refer to him as a "blood-sucker" (165).
Naval attack fighters operating from the sea and conventional long-range bombers cannot survive penetration of a sophisticated IADS that denies access to all but the stealthiest platforms.
He was the softest, glidingest, stealthiest man I ever see.
0HDi IT'S GOT to be the stealthiest van on the road.
The stealthiest aircraft in the world today is the B-2 bomber, but even this aircraft can be seen by the good old search racars operating at low frequencies.