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They were protesting only against those misguided politicians who stealthily amended the oath regarding the finality of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
Summary: Fortinet has discovered an increase in cryptojacking incidents, which is a new way to stealthily mine Monero cryptocurrency from a user's CPU resources.
The apex court during the hearing of a case on Friday maintained that first wife can resort to area magistrate if her husband marries stealthily an other woman without getting permission from first wife.
as these giants creep stealthily across the landscape,
Summary: Suddenly and stealthily the headlines have moved on from the issue of refugees' return to something equally incendiary -- security around Arsal.
A government statement said Mossad was seeking technologies in various fields, including robotics, miniaturization and encryption, as well as new automated methods of gleaning information from documents and new ways of carrying out operations more stealthily.
Alternative locations have been stealthily excluded.
Your beloved can stealthily insert a bug in your handset and eavesdrop on live streams of conversations you might be having with your date.
The people of Wales and England have spoken decisively and said no to staying in EU that has stealthily morphed over the decades from the eminently sensible European Economic Community of 1972 (when Britain joined), to the pseudo Orwellian nightmare of today.
The flavors maintain a steady balance between sweet, savory, and spice, stealthily tapping into different taste buds.
Samsung Electronics has stealthily released the Galaxy S4 Mini Plus, also known as the Galaxy S4 Value Edition, in Europe, according to fan site SamMobile, as the company continues a strategy of price-slashing and budget releases.
She is sitting by the thousands-year-old fire, above which bubbles a massive pot of sweet red berry soup, and when she gets up to stir it, the huge black dog beside her stealthily pulls out some quills with his teeth.