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Such risk has nothing to do with an aircraft's stealthiness but everything to do with how fast we can deploy airpower into austere conditions, with limited manpower, to conduct combat operations shorn of a fixed, preplanned basing structure.
In addition, about 950 employees for Lockheed work in Palmdale, conducting mechanical modifications for the F-22 and manufacturing the parts of wings that contribute to the stealthiness and maneuverability of the F-22 and F-35.
A string of clubs, including Motherwell and Falkirk, are waiting to pounce with the same sort of stealthiness the little forward again showed to gun down Well with two first-half goals.
Seventy-percent wool for warmth and stealthiness + 30-percent nylon for ease of care = the perfect blend for bowhunting success.
Australian, go armed against the murderous stealthiness of each other!
But it was later decided that the serial Rafale would be of reduced overall size and that, with the end of the Cold War, such high levels of stealthiness would not be required.
35) Nonetheless, his attempts are bound to fail because the commander is now "in revolt against the murderous stealthiness of methods and the atrocious callousness of complicities" (67).
The examples of Nazi storybook propaganda discussed here indicate the wide range of cultural resources drawn upon, and the stealthiness of the methods employed, to indoctrinate German children in the virulent anti-Semitism of the Third Reich.
Tomahawk LACM, the Chinese versions employ technologies such as GPS/inertial mid-course guidance and, most critically, terrain contour-matching to increase stealthiness.
Handberg warns about the stealthiness of the space militarization issue and its proclivity to slip beneath the political radar screen.
282) He then inveighed at length against a "judicial tyranny" that "approaches us unseen, with the stealthiness of a midnight assassin.
The three planned variants of this fighter would be substantially better in terms of stealthiness, maneuverability, and avionics than the aircraft they are intended to replace.