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Craig said the arrangement with Steamship Company subsidiary Westward Airways would allow them to spend more time executing and considering long-term options.
Two years ago, theManxman Steamship Company, was set up in an effort to try and save her.
Earl also serves as the chief executive officer of GATX s American Steamship Company subsidiary.
A paper knife is engraved with the badge of the Mississippi and Dominion Steamship Company, founded in 1870.
Land's End Airport is a core part of our business and we wanted to secure its long-term future, said Jeff Marston, chief executive of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company which operates the airport and the Skybus service to the Scillies.
ALFRED and Philip Holt created the hugely-successful Ocean Steamship Company - known throughout the world as the Blue Funnel Line.
Wethersfield House, the Edwardian mansion of Joseph Beausire, once chairman of the West India & Pacific Steamship company, has been developed into a number of top notch homes.
By the 1870s PSNC had grown into the largest steamship company in the world.
They were also shareholders of Pan-Islamic Steamship Company Ltd.
American Steamship Company successfully deployed eleven vessels and is benefiting from favorable operating conditions on the Great Lakes."
After refurbishment work was complete, it was hoped to turn the vessel into a 450 passenger day cruise-ferry and static venue, operated by the Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Company with services running between Liverpool, Llandudno and Anglesey.
On the evening of Sunday January 25, fire raged through the superstructure of the Canadian Pacific Steamship Company vessel.