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But oppositely, the modification with stearic acid leads to an increase of dispersive component and a strong decrease of polar component.
The objective of the present research was to study the inheritance of high stearic acid content in the sunflower mutant CAS-14.
Mixed monolayers of 2-methoxy-6-[(octadecylimino)methyl]phenol and stearic acid
Figure 2 illustrates biological molecules that were analyzed: lipids such as palmitic acid and stearic acid, quercetin which is a flavonoid, and glucose a sugar.
Based on the obtained examination results, the most stable fatty acid component of sunflower oil was shown to be stearic acid (Tables 6-7).
Keywords: Ultrasonic extraction, Prunus Arminica, Olive oil, Lecithin, Lipase, Stearic acid Phospholipase.
These included oleic acid (43.9%), palmitic acid (27.6%) and stearic acid (15.4%).
In this work we explored Stearic Acid as a nonreactive modifier [9].
Before inserting the brush/gauze assembly into the bore of the barrel, a handful of stearic acid can be thrown into the bore.
Stearic acid (SA) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) were used as surfactant and thickening agents, respectively.
By combining simple hydrothermal process and surface modification using stearic acid, Li et al.