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Relative to the control cells, palmitic acid increased AMPK[alpha] gene expression in single-cultured IPA and both palmitic and stearic acid increased AMPK[alpha] gene expression in co-cultured IPA (Figure 1A).
In order to distinguish that the adsorption of CS to stearic acid by electrostatic reaction from that by other protocols.
There are, however, studies that show stearic acid helps prevent biofilm.
When testing at 300 N loads, the best antiwear characteristics are demonstrated by the lard modified with 20% monoglycerides and 2% stearic acid.
When the brush/gauze assembly is removed from the barrel, push a bundle of cotton rags back and forth inside the length of the barrel to remove any purge or stearic acid residue.
A typical ESR spectrum of 16-doxyl stearic acid in albumin solution or serum is shown in Fig.
Sumi Asih also produces stearic acid (stabilizer) with a production capacity of 32,000 tons a year and metallic soap.
And just because stearic acid doesn't raise cholesterol doesn't mean that it's harmless.
Five weeks of consuming the non-trans-fat margarine hardened with the innocuous stearic acid produced the lowest levels.
Stearic acid, the most widely used saturated fatty acid, will post healthy gains based on opportunities in surfactants, personal care products and plastics.
In contrast with other saturated fatty acids, stearic acid does not appear to elevate the serum cholesterol.
Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Their Salts and Esters: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015