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Paul Juby, president and development officer, Federation of Stedfast Associations (UK).
The fact that Geraldine had been trying to pay her rent - and that the company had refused to accept it during the eviction process - seemed to have escaped Stedfast previously.
Stedfast, Director of Operations and Legal Affairs, Pinchot Institute for Conservation, Washington, D.
The prologue to The Wedding Day, spoken by Mr Macklin, who played Stedfast, invokes Joseph Andrews and thus acknowledges the juncture of the serious and the comic, the spiritual and the humorous, in the person of Abraham Adams.
James Madison complained that "the injustice of the[] [new laws] has been so frequent and so flagrant as to alarm the most stedfast friends of Republicanism.
Of wedlocke in them beeing birdes: but standes in stedfast state.
Porphyro's power to summon Madeline from sleep is in fact questioned when we are told that "It seem'd he never, never could redeem / From such a stedfast spell his lady's eyes" (286-87).
1911 Hornet's Beauty won three times, and Willonyx and Stedfast twice each, at Royal Ascot 100 years ago.
Agnes Eve, "It seem'd he never, never could redeem / From such a stedfast spell his lady's eyes" (286-87).
Tho' Gods that were merry and awful, and chaste and lewd we have seen, Yet tell me, for all your teaching, if ever an age there hath been When the prophet ceased from his preaching; the saint turned, not to his cell, And the happy and humble-hearted did otherwise aught than well; When the wandering blood stayed stedfast, and the hot fool held from his lust, Or the warrior fain of battle did suffer his war-gear rust?
ou stedfast be, And folow me furth with gode menyng.
But Dan Clark, senior regional manager of Stedfast, later said, ``The main reason she (Packard) is being asked to leave is for nonpayment of rent.