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THE Federation of Stedfast Associations (UK) is looking for all former Boys' Brigade members to join the organisation.
In parallel passages, "the Windes with wonder whist, / Smoothly the waters kist" (64-65) while "The Stars with deep amaze / Stand fixt in stedfast gaze" (69-70).
Shew him I woll be as stedfast as ston, Ferr and nere, and in every place.
Here I found seales [sic] to my ministry that stood stedfast in the faith.
And tho that weare chapelets on ther hede Of fresh woodbind, be such as never were To love untrue in word, thought, ne dede, But aye stedfast.
Packard that she can stay as long as she wants, providing she pay the past-due rent she owes us,'' said Pat Fish, an official of the Stedfast Co.
Families were evacuated from their homes near the Stedfast housing estate in Carrick Macross, Co Monaghan after natural gas was found to be leaking from a supply line.
to shew the ende of those, being in meere miserie, which continually doe call on God with a stedfast hope, that he will deliver them, and with a sure faith that he can doe it" (151).
Stedfast, Director of Operations and Legal Affairs, Pinchot Institute for Conservation, Washington, D.
James Madison complained that "the injustice of the[] [new laws] has been so frequent and so flagrant as to alarm the most stedfast friends of Republicanism.
1911 Hornet's Beauty won three times, and Willonyx and Stedfast twice each, at Royal Ascot 100 years ago.
Agnes Eve, "It seem'd he never, never could redeem / From such a stedfast spell his lady's eyes" (286-87).