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Yonder Woodpecker has a bill of steel, and he can use it well," said the councillor to him who stood by him.
Well said Wamba, that silken bonnet keeps out no steel blade.
I dwelt upon it with a pertinacity of attention -- as if, in so dwelling, I could arrest here the descent of the steel.
I wonder, my Lord Guido, if my sword Is better tempered than this steel of yours?
Sparks flew as steel smote steel, and then there was the dull and sickening sound of a shoulder bone parting beneath the keen edge of my Martian sword.
By his side lay a steel cap, which he had laid off for the sake of the coolness to his crown.
A single glance showed him the truth, or at least a part of it--the steel projection that communicated the movement of the pointer upon the dial to the heart of the mechanism beneath had been severed.
From bye-path, from woodland clearing, or from winding moor-side track these little rivulets of steel united in the larger roads to form a broader stream, growing ever fuller and larger as it approached the nearest or most commodious seaport.
Wages are going to be advanced and hours shortened in the railroad unions, the iron and steel workers unions, and the engineer and machinist unions.
He heard the Highland battle-cry and the clash of steel on steel, for fighting came near his home, and his own people joined the standard of the Pretender.
They produced fire by striking a bit of flint and steel together, but for the most part they ate their food raw.
Crutches, wooden legs, artificial arms, steel hooks, caoutchouc jaws, silver craniums, platinum noses, were all to be found in the collection; and it was calculated by the great statistician Pitcairn that throughout the Gun Club there was not quite one arm between four persons and two legs between six.