steeled against

See: callous
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'It is a good thing to be steeled against sea-sickness; here one has indeed an advantage over man!
I am in the power of men upon whom I can have no more influence than upon statues of bronze or granite; they know me by heart, and are steeled against all my weapons.
or what female is there whose heart could be steeled against such attractions in her suitor?
Besides, being very young, he had found the occupation of keeping his heart completely steeled against the worst so engrossing that he had come to feel an overpowering dislike towards any other form of activity whatever.
Ralph Nickleby, who was proof against all appeals of blood and kindred--who was steeled against every tale of sorrow and distress-- staggered while he looked, and went back into his house, as a man who had seen a spirit from some world beyond the grave.
Flora, patient, steeled against every hurt and every disgust to the point of wondering at herself, said: "You push your dislike of--of- -Roderick too far, papa.
Reporting requires a curious crouch--open to people's stories at the same time we're steeled against deceit.
Monk refused to blame the international break as a reason behind how a side so sharp and steeled against Manchester United could look so sluggish and sloppy here against, in all obvious truth, lesser opposition.
The defiant expression, set against the world, steeled against the jeers and the accusations and the criticism.
No surprise really that after 128 barren years without troubling the engravers, the intoxicating proximity to silverware sparks hysteria and melts hearts long steeled against disappointment.
Rockefeller didn't huddle behind state troopers or National Guardsmen steeled against riots.
Co-founder Martha Lane Fox said was steeled against competition from budget airlines such as Ryanair.