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Yet you soon encounter the steelier nous honed during years as a LibDem member of Inverclyde Council.
It requires a steelier intellect to make love-struck septuagenarians sound like actual human beings.
However, he is adamant that there is a steelier side to his nature.
A falling-out Berra had with George Steinbrenner, the Yankees' blustery principle owner from 1973 until his death in 2010, demonstrated Berra's steelier side.
After the two defeats in London, we talked about producing a much steelier performance against Rotherham, but it didn't happen.
But Lennon has always maintained his men are made of steelier stuff than they are given credit for.
Can Justin McNulty have added a steelier culture in time to topple the Dubs?
Wade beat the Aussie in last month's International Masters, has beaten him on three of their last four starts and is far steelier than he was when they met in Week Three, a match Whitlock won 8-5.
The Triple Crown came at Croke Park as Wales showed a steelier side and a rearguard that would see them break the tournament record for least tries conceded.
From somewhere, they must find a steelier spine, if all of Jamie Carragher's magnificent obduracy - and goals
The influx of Celtic Warriors players has given the Ospreys a much steelier edge with the likes of Brent Cockbain and Ryan Jones in the pack, while Sonny Parker has brought a new dimension to the back line.