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In the next ten days Gareth Southgate's struggling side play three of the bottom six in Titanic basement battles that will fray the nerves of all but the steeliest Boro fans.
There is heartbreak along the way as a number of the canine protagonists lose their battle against Mother Nature, plus a genuinely terrifying encounter with a leopard seal (computer-generated) that will shred even the steeliest nerves.
April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- In a show of intellectual agility that featured some of the nation's sharpest young minds and steeliest nerves, a team from Morehouse College (Atlanta, Ga.
The once steely capital of industry has spawned some of the steeliest rock music ever.
Steve Waugh is cricket's Mr Tough, the steeliest of competitors who has led the Australians beyond the bounds of his predecessors, brilliant skippers in their own right, Allan Border and Mark Taylor.
Sundiata's first CD, The Blue Oneness of Dreams, relied on tightly constructed, condensed and highly-charged popular songs--three minute solar systems the steeliest afronaut can get disoriented in.