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We inspired each other HENRY ON GETTING BUFF FOR ROLE IN BATMAN V SUPERMANHe is dashing with just a hint of danger and there is a steeliness within him AMY ADAMS WHO PLAYS OPPOSITE HENRY IN BATMAN V SUPERMAN
Anderson's camera shoots them predominantly in close-up, so there is nowhere to hide fake emotion, and both young actors are magnificent, capturing the vulnerability, steeliness and sweet affection of their runaways.
Oscar nominee Lawrence beautifully captures the steeliness and despair of a resourceful daughter, who would die for the people she loves.
She surprises herself with her strength and steeliness.
Abbass (who was so memorable in "The Visitor"), almost steals the film with her steeliness as Umm, which is certainly amusing, but also warns about what Kamar could become.
We've got some good technical players, but by the same token, you need a steeliness in the team.
The Beautiful Country'' charts the course of one such young man with sensitivity, some generic hand-wringing and, ultimately, a gentle steeliness.
Then she recovered and, showing the steeliness of character that Slobodan Milosevic has lately experienced, became a Democratic foreign policy adviser and organizer, raised three daughters, and ambitiously clawed her way to the top of the Washington hierarchy (leaving, in the process, amazingly few tracks).
While an artist at heart, Smith also possessed a cold steeliness - he was sent off in a Texaco Cup tie against Birmingham after only 53 seconds in December of 1973 when Tony Want suffered a broken leg, one of the fastest dismissals of all time.
O'Neill believes it displays a steeliness and determination within the group and said: "We were going for it, trying to get something out of the game.
There's clearly great compassion alongside that steeliness, however, and he can't help but be affected by the stories he tells.