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Steely Dan's original agreement on book value may have been sufficient when the band was starting out, but may not have been realistic when only two owners were sharing a company with significantly increased value.
Becker had been unable to perform with his band Steely Dan this summer at Classic West and Classic East in Los Angeles and New York City, which is said to be two stadium-size festivals of 1970s bands, as he was recovering from an unspecified ailment.
Becker's Steely Dan bandmate Donald Fagen later told Billboard that Becker was "recovering from a procedure" and hopefully would be "fine very soon," but did not elaborate on Becker's surgery or prognosis.
Figure 1 illustrates the marketing structure formerly in place in Steely Library at NKU.
Listen to Steely Dan vs Daft Punk - Daft Dan at bit.
Steely Dan have gone the way of many and turned into a heritage act but at least that heritage is classy, sophisticated and intelligent.
They may be old, but Steely Dan can still keep it up.
Historian and journalist Steely (East Texas State U.
I remember looking forward to seeing Steely Dan at the venue in the mid-70s.
I don't want to have a climate in the country," Nader says early on, "where one has to have an ascetic existence and steely determination in order to speak truthfully.
Kent danced Juliet in Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet with delicate abandon and a steely power.
Comments: What rose can be: dry, steely, fresh, clean and great with food.