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He saw how many knights had broken their necks in vain, but undaunted he approached the steep mountain on foot and began the ascent.
For a few minutes we continued rapidly up the steep grade, which I hoped would soon bring us quickly to the upper pits that let into the Temple of Issus.
And so without waiting to be again discovered and thwarted, I ran quickly up the short, steep incline and pushed open the doorway at its end.
Could we have stepped from summit to summit of these steep but narrow elevations we could easily have accomplished the distance; but we must penetrate to the bottom of every yawning gulf, and scale in succession every one of the eminences before us.
'Yes,' answered I, 'as steep as the sides of a line-of-battle ship, and about a hundred times as high.' My companion sank his head upon his breast, and remained for a while in deep thought.
'You are right, Toby,' I exclaimed, 'you are right; it must conduct us thither, and quickly too; for, see with what a steep inclination the water descends.'
The pitch from the bench to the meadow was steep yet thickly wooded with oaks and manzanita.
As it was, it was a long time before the wound healed, and then he was sold for coal-carting; and what that is, up and down those steep hills, only horses know.
A short march brought them to the foot of the mountain, but its steep and cragged sides almost discouraged hope.
During this conversation they had been walking up the steep pathway and now found themselves well up on the mountain.
"Well," said Dorothy, "I'm glad of a little rest, for that's a drea'ful steep path."
Given the risks involved (extreme skiers purposefully choose the most dangerous, inaccessible, sharply pitched and unstable surfaces in the world), "Steep" is willfully blind to the questions it inevitably raises, such as: Why?