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None may tell If, steeped in the same moonlight, lies afar Some dim pavilion where my lady dreams Of me.
The count told Baptistin to leave the plate within reach of his guest, who began by sipping the Alicante with an expression of great satisfaction, and then delicately steeped his biscuit in the wine.
At last he rose and taking his handkerchief steeped it in the blood of the martyred king.
Achilles scowled at him and answered, "You are steeped in insolence and lust of gain.
She looked through half-closed eyes at the vista of ivory-white and pale green all steeped in liquid gold.
In the midst, by the shattered fountain, grew the magnificent shrub, with its purple gems clustering all over it; they glowed in the air, and gleamed back again out of the depths of the pool, which thus seemed to overflow with colored radiance from the rich reflection that was steeped in it.
Instead of remaining steeped to the lips in the strong interest of what is still perhaps our chief fiction, I shed my tribute of tears, and went on my way.