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Steeper say their new hand marks a turning point in the world of prosthetics as it perfectly mimics the functions of a real hand via 14 different precision grips.
With the aid from the SDTC funds Steeper Energy s 100 barrel per day Industrial Scale Demonstration Project would be completed.
If a lens is fitted steeper than K, a positive tear lens is created, requiring more negative power in the over-refraction to neutralise the effect (that is the tear lens power increases by +0.
He added: "This means headline statistics often compared positively despite the decline being steeper in Scotland.
This helps to create a steeper angle of approach into impact.
The steeper slope was not enough to change projected future growth appreciably, however.
The deal was widely criticised as too soft on banks and since then several eurozone states, including Germany and the Netherlands, have been pushing for much steeper losses on the bond holdings to make sure Greece is actually able to repay its debt in the long run.
The Royal Bank of Scotland has posted steeper losses in the first three months of the year, but assured investors it was on the road to recovery.
Women in the same age group have seen an even steeper jump at 58.
The key to the Perfect Steeper is its unique brewing system.
Hotel taxes in Miami-Dade County dropped by 24 percent in February, a steeper decline than January's 17 percent.
Had they waited for the level of activity in the building to pick up to where it currently is, Steir seemed to hint that they would not have been able to garner such concessions without having to pay a steeper rent.