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Key words: Tannin, steeping, sodium hydroxide, incubation time, sorghum.
The basic requirements for steeping tea are minimal--of course, tea; water; and a proper vessel.
Seller recommends steeping a third of an ounce of the plant's green portions in a pint of boiling water for an hour.
A second house in Steeping Road was also burgled but it is still not known what has been stolen.
An adaptation of a classic Chinese cooking method, steeping is ideal for chicken breasts, fish steaks or fillets, and lean pork tenderloins, which otherwise easily over-cook and become dry.
The TeaSpot's Steepware collection consists of six vibrant colors of the Steepin' Cup, a single cup ceramic steeping set, sold at Whole Foods Markets in the Western US, and sold as the "Teamate" at locations nationwide.
How to select tea--including an explanation of the types and grades of tea; The elements and art of tea steeping--water, temperature, time, tea and sanitation; Instructions on how to steep both hot and iced tea; The role of water quality, with particular emphasis on iced tea, and the importance of sanitation; and Equipment options for steeping and serving hot and iced tea.
The TeaSpot's TeaMate is a simple and convenient tea brewer based on a traditional Asian vessel used for steeping loose-leaf teas.