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Oregon law and regulations allow cutting on slopes of any steepness - straight-up is not too much, except in specific places where public safety is known to be at risk.
The studies demonstrated that the steep slopes of river valleys developed in a relatively strong rocks of Kazan and Tatar tiers of Upper Permian, Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene, have approximately equal slopes and are markedly superior to the steepness of the slopes, composed of sand and clay rocks of the Jurassic, Cretaceous, and especially Neogene-Quaternary (table 2).
Because I was on the upslope I could take out that steepness coming off the bunker and land the ball on the flat.
The data collected will be logged against the GPS position of the ship and will be merged with additional data streams by HR Wallingford, to enable much more accurate 'nowcasting' and forecasting of sea state including wave height, period, direction and steepness.
Taking universal act-ions to reduce the steepness of the social gradient in health was one of the key messages to emerge from the review of heaLlh inequalities in England and Wales, Marmot said.
The aspect of the sun and the steepness of the vineyards, the meanness of the soil and the geology of the areas all contributes to the wonderful variations that can be found.
George used state-of-the-art video analysis to demonstrate to Ross that the steepness of his back and downswing was forcing the clubface to strike the ball incorrectly - robbing him of loft.
These turns are said to be built when a route climbs up or down a steep slope, so that it can travel mostly across the slope with moderate steepness.
The hillside system posed the biggest challenge because of the steepness of the hillside and lack of freeway access, but SES's years of experience turned the unusable hillside into a solar power plant.
THE response of Himalayan glaciers to climate change varies with climate, surface steepness and the degree of rock debris cover, a new study has said.
This book is an analysis of the Barack Obama Administration and the era it has spawned including the current status of African-Americans, and Africans due to the steepness of challenges and all Americans who face substantial challenges in the Obama Era through essays and spoken-word style poetry.
The steepness of the highlands has limited their destruction, but if people start building roads, these areas will be more accessible.