steer clear

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Steer clear by getting ahead There's no need to cook different meals for everyone - just make your family's favourites the Slimming World way instead.
Lastly, if you are looking to start a new job or home working scheme, steer clear of recruitment scams.
Using the Steer Clear program can give some peace of mind that they've helped prepare their teen to be a safer driver."
STEER CLEAR: Figure-hiding frocks like shifts or trapeze dresses, any styles that overemphasise the hips, like a gathered skirt.
STEER CLEAR: Figure-hiding frocks like shifts or trapeze dresses and any styles that over emphasise the hips.
State Farm first introduced the Steer Clear Mobile app on iPhone in February as a way to help reduce teen driving crashes, one of the company's overarching goals.
Songs such as "Seasonal Girl" and the title track to his new CD, "Goin' California," manage to steer clear of cliche and instead paint engaging, wistful portraits of love lost to the road.
Motorists were advised to steer clear of Hulver Road while the site was cleared.
Should I steer clear? - Scorpio, Dundee He is with someone else now so you should both move on.
AN ECHO-backed scheme to help children steer clear of crime has been shortlisted for a national award.
But this year medics are sending out warnings to sufferers to steer clear of workplaces and schools to stop it spreading.
Richard Hammond today revealed he hopes to be back behind the wheel within weeks - but vowed to steer clear of jet cars.