steer clear

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State Farm's Steer Clear iPhone and iPod touch application is the first application of its kind to help teens gain more experience behind the wheel, building on State Farm's overarching goal to reduce teen driving deaths.
IThe magazine also listed cars to steer clear off as the Fiat Brava and Bravo, Peugeot 406 and the pre-June 2002 Vauxhall Vectra.
Following the Steer Clear campaign - part of the Target project - the weekly average for recorded thefts of cars has fallen from 374 to 250, down 33 %.
Click on Fashion Advice to steer clear of fashion humiliation.
They also steer clear of each other, partly because they exert a repulsive force and partly because the rules of quantum mechanics specify that individual electrons must occupy different energy levels.
If you can't do without meat on your Croissan'wich or Bagel, at least steer clear of the sausage.
READERS should steer clear of tubby Guardian hackette Julie Burchill's slim volume about David Beckham - unless they enjoy pretentious garbage like "the heartbreakingly-named George Best" and "Beckham looks like a magnificent child - or perhaps the Minotaur the moment before it went mad".
The new study suggests that dentists should begin to steer clear of nitrous oxide as a standard painkiller, Baird contends.
Genworth, however, has managed to steer clear of riskier mortgage insurance business in the U.
Officials caution anyone who spots a similar device to avoid touching it, to steer clear of the area and to call police.
When the Steer Clear discount is applied in addition to other discounts available to young drivers, including the good student and driver training discounts, some drivers could save as much as 50 percent.