steer clear of

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Lastly, if you are looking to start a new job or home working scheme, steer clear of recruitment scams.
"Motorists should steer clear of these cars, which are either unsafe by current standards, unreliable, or both."
Although identifying with Delhi's natives in their struggles against the British, Hosagrahar does mainly steer clear of whingeing Saidian claptraps; but her jargon-strewn top and tail add nothing to the book.
We Catholics should steer clear of practising the promulgation of atrocity stories; particularly those originating within the fog and passions of an extraordinarily savage war, on all sides.
Stay safe; Wash off the cosmetics immediately; avoid eye makeup; and steer clear of high-traffic days, which have a higher percentage of makeup contamination.
In contrast, Michael seems emotionally distant, content to steer clear of life's many peaks and valleys as he plods through his daily routine.
People at risk of heart attacks should steer clear of traffic, a new study suggests.
Last month, Blackburn was temporarily suspended from Classic Gold after he ripped up an e-mail warning him to steer clear of Sir Cliff Richard's golden oldie tunes.
Her album Beautiful Collision manages to steer clear of the over-produced blandness that some more prominent female singers are guilty of.
RED RIDING HOOD may want to steer clear of a Warwickshire country park next week when it plays host to a family of wolves.
But teachers have been known to steer clear of the beautiful state.