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BikeE claims damages of $566,033 for the steerer tube and seat defects.
According to Steerer, this proposal cannot be supported on independent morphological, syntactic, or semantic grounds.
It also features Shimano Deore shifters, 27-speed index derailleurs, quick release, double wall alloy rims and a dual crown fork with an alloy steerer tube.
Consumers or the dealer will need to disassemble the front of the bicycle to access the steerer tube with the date code and model information.
It accused Manager John Reed, "a polished bunco steerer,'' of paying the team from Rochester to throw a game in order to help the gate.
I peddled grass, I was a steerer, I was a criminal, I snorted cocaine.
Hazard: The steerer tube in the front fork can break, posing a fall hazard.